We are so glad you are here!

Please join the Kingdom of the True Princess and become a “TPIT,” A True Princess in Training.

In the Kingdom you will be given tasks that will make your True Princess heart grow so that soon you will become an honest-to-goodness “True Princess,” and be a shining example for everyone to follow. You will need a Noble Partner to help you in this journey. That can be anyone in your royal family or extended family, your Mom, your Dad, a big sister or brother, an Aunt or Grandmother or a good family friend. Your Noble Partner should be an adult.

Now that you’re ready, let’s get started! 

  1. Read "Elaine's Story". If you haven’t yet, you can order it here. Elaine is one of many True Princesses you will meet along your journey. She will teach you about some of the important True Princess characteristics you will seek to gain.
  2. Come back to the Kingdom after you have read "Elaine's Story" to have your Noble Partner help you register for the royal jewel that Princess Elaine has waiting for you.
  3. Read the rules that go with wearing the Elaine's Jewel and talk about them with your Noble Partner. After doing that you'll be able to order your jewel.
    Click here for rules.
  4. Each time you log back into the Kingdom of the True Princess, go to the Princess Page and pick another adventure to participate in. The Royal Adventures are the roads to becoming a full-fledged True Princess.
    Click here to go to the Princess Page. 
  5. Add your thoughts and ideas to the True Princess Diaries (this is called a blog) to help other TPITs in their journeys.
    Click here to go to the blog.