Ordering Elaine's Story


Prince Andre is not your “run of the mill”, fairy tale Prince. Oh yes, he is very handsome. And of course he lives in a Kingdom with many people to wait on him. And all the girls in the Kingdom want to marry him so they can become his Princess. But Prince Andre cares about more than just what someone looks like. He wants a Princess who is beautiful inside as well as out. He wants a “true” Princess, because in his heart, Prince Andre is a “true” Prince.

Are you a “true” Princess? As you read ELAINE’S STORY you will journey along with Prince Andre and Princess Elaine, and discover what it takes to become a “true” Princess. And when you do, you will then be invited into The Kingdom of the True Princess and begin your journey in discovering your special greatness. Plus you will then be able to claim the charm that will show the world your “true” Princess heart and be an example for others to see.