Rules for Wearing Your Jewel

The Jewel represents a True Princess's heart. It stands for all the goodness and grace that she is and all the love she has for the world. It is like a beckon of light shining for all to see and to learn by. And so a True Princess stands in that light by her actions, deeds and words. It is very important for you to remember that when you wear the jewel, you shine from a True Princess heart.  


A True Princess Heart

1. Shows respect for her friends and family.
She talks kindly, is patient and waits her turn. She listens well when spoken to.

2. Is responsible.
She does what she says she's going to do. She follows up and completes all tasks given to her. And she does this joyfully.

3. Has respect for her body.
She eats healthy whenever possible and when given choices. She exercises her body every day through fun and play.

4. Is a learner and a doer.
She reads every day or is read to. She spends time talking with other family members.

5. Has a helper heart.
She will look for adventures that will give her ideas on helping others.

6. Is a true friend.
She will try to be a friend to others who need a friend.

7. Cares about our planet.
Many adventures will show you ways that you can do this.

You will learn to shine in many other ways during your journey in the Kingdom. When you're not sure that your True Princess heart is shining through, touch your jewel and ask yourself... am I showing the heart of a True Princess? The Jewel will always be a reminder and a comfort that you are living your life on purpose and gaining the heart of a True Princess.

I understand what it means to be a True Princess and wear the Jewel. Every day and in every way, I will strive to shine the light of my True Princess heart for everyone to see. I understand that I may be asked to remove the jewel if my behavior is not that of a True Princess. And I understand that I will learn from that and will be able to resume wearing the jewel very soon.

I will participate in the Adventures in the Kingdom and always strive to be a True Princess, both inside and out!

If you understand and agree to the rules for the jewel, AND YOU HAVE READ "ELAINE'S STORY" then or click the Jewel to continue your adventure.

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