About the Storyteller Carol Ranoa

The vision for the “True Princess Series” has been brewing for over 30 years. During Carol Ranoa’s twenty-five year teaching career, she focused on finding and empowering the inner gifts of each and every child. Elaine’s Story, the first in this series, leads the reader to understand that true beauty comes from within. The accompanying website (www.thetrueprincess.com) offers tools designed to further reveal the greatness in each child and empower parents in that journey. Carol lives in southern California with her husband Vic, her true prince for over 45 years.

About the Artist Gina Cruz-Rider

Gina Cruz- Rider has always seen the world through the hearts of children. She has the gift of being able to tap into her own “inner child” as she expresses the innocent magic that radiates from her drawings. She herself is a “true princess” in every sense of the word. This book would not be possible without Gina’s vision and generosity. She lives in Southern California with her family.


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