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Family Goals

January 6th, 2013 | The Queen

Family Goals for 2016

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a goal that everyone in your family works on together?  What might that be?

  • A special vacation this year

  • Special day trips

  • Birthday celebrations

  • A purchase for the whole family to enjoy

  • Special time together

Call a “family mastermind.”  Present the idea of having one or two family goals.  Get everyone’s ideas “out there.”  One way to do this is to put all ideas on small sticky pad pieces of paper, stick them to a wall or board WITHOUT ANY JUDGEMENT OR COMMENT.  Then categorize them into 1. items 2. events 3. bahaviors.

Then discuss and agree together on their priority and move the papers around until you come to consensus of the order of importance.  

Next, do a family VISION BOARD that will visualize that or those goals.  Make it big and post it prominently for everyone to see every day.  Do a vision board for each goal.  See the blog on making Vision Boards.

If the goal requires money, make a big paper thermometer that keeps track of the progress of the money going towards the goal.  Or it could be a big paper ruler.  Or maybe you’ll come up with another idea.

Decide on a weekly or monthly family meeting to reassess and evaluate your progress towards those goals.  Don’t be afraid to tweak or change anything that isn’t working  But again, allow for everyone’s input.

Good luck!  And please share with us anything that comes out of this project that might help other families.

What are your goals for 2016?

November 23rd, 2011 | cc

Take a look back at 2013.  What are some of your favorite memories?  What makes you giggle when you think about it?  What new friends did you make?

Are there some things that happened that made you sad?  How do you feel about them now?

What are some things that you are going to make happen this year?  What are you going to learn?  What are you going to get better at? 

MAKE A VISION BOARD FOR 2014.  Go through magazines with your Royal Partner and cut out pictures that tell your vision for this new year.  Hang it on your wall and watch what happens.  Take a picture of it and email it to us.  We'll post it on our site for other TPITs to see.  If more people see your visions, their energy will combine with yours and help make things happen.


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How Does Elaine Show Her True Princess Heart?

October 27th, 2011 | The Queen

What did Princess Elaine do to show her True Princess heart?

What did you do today that showed your True Princess heart? 

Send us an email and we'll put it on our post, or your Royal Partner can post it here!